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FSMA Technical Assistance Network (TAN) Inquiries Report

Report Dates: 9/10/2015 through 06/30/2020

The Technical Assistance Network (TAN) provides technical assistance to industry, regulators, academia, consumers and others regarding FSMA implementation. The TAN addresses questions related to the FSMA rules, programs, and implementation strategies after the rules are final.

This report summarizes key statistics since September 2015 about who is submitting FSMA inquiries; their topics of interest; and what channels of communication they are using to ask questions.

Inquiries Received by Method of Inquiry
Method of Inquiry Inquiries Received
Web Form 9,102
Phone 1,957
Email 189
Mail 9
Total 11,262
Inquiries Received by Inquirer (September 10, 2015 - June 30, 2020)
 I am a Member of this Category Inquiries Received
Industry/Business 9,337
Academia 479
N/A 459
Consumer 299
Regulator - State Inspector 208
Other Government Official - Domestic 147
Other Government Official - International 141
Regulator - FDA Investigator 106
Regulator - FDA Compliance Staff 52
Medical 18
Media 16
Total 11,262
Inquiries Received by FSMA Topic
 FSMA Topic Inquiries Received  
Preventive Controls-Human Food 4,379
Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) 2,593
Sanitary Transportation for Human and Animal Food 1,336
Produce Safety 1,323
Preventive Controls-Animal Food 781
Accredited Third-Party Certification (3rd Party) 345
Intentional Adulteration 239
Other 152
Lab Accreditation 64
Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP) 50
Total 11,262
Inquiries Received, Domestic vs. International
 Country of Origin Inquiries Received
 Domestic 9,139
 International 2,123
 Total 11,262

Note: Information is current as of June 2020. The data provided in this report is produced on an ongoing basis and is subject to change due to updates, corrections, or other reasons. In addition, FDA may change the type or amount of data provided in this report at any time.

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